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Katlin Smith

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Katlin Smith

Here today we have the beautiful Katlin Smith! She is so kind and sweet that it be really difficult to not be friends with her. Did I mention is funny?! She’ll have you laughing for hours if you’re not careful.

She is truly one of a kind and radiates with energy. Don’t believe me? Keep scrolling to see what I am talking about. This is her story and experience with Ava’s.

When Kyle moved to Fort Worth in July of 2014, he decided the internet was the best way to get to know people around the area. So he jumped onto eHarmony and met Katlin, who’d been on eHarmony a few years and had become well acquainted with disappointment through the platform. Only due to her friend’s obvious joy and constant braggadocious did she decide that, maybe, there was still some chance of finding happiness through internet media. And she found Kyle. They emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks, exchanging epic length discourse and discovering their mutual love for all things hiking, camping, gardens and food. As Kyle would say later, “you had me at ‘hiking!'” They had their first date on the banks of the Trinity River one sunny, slightly chilly October Saturday, traversing 15 miles of trail, chattering nonstop and eventually stopping so that Kyle could unload the backpacker’s pack he’d casually hoisted through the entirety of their date. He brought forth a camp stove, skillet, salmon, asparagus, various spices, accouterments, and a bottle of wine. Placing two Disney beach towels on the ground, Kyle set about cooking while Katlin tried valiantly to hide how badly her legs were cramping, not wanting to give away how long it had been since she’d traveled this amount of ground in one day. That first date ended with a kiss, and both will admit to cautiously thinking they might have found ‘the one’ afterwards. The rest is history and now, nearly four years later, they’re finally tying the knot, and are so happy to have friends and family celebrate with them.

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day?

“There are so many moments, but when our DJ had everyone do the Longevity Dance, and my grandparents were the last on the floor.  They, at that point, had been married 63 years, and have shown my family what marriage, love and family should be. Matt asked them if they had any advice for us about marriage. My grandfather told us to “never shout unless the house was on fire.” My grandmother said I’d already done the first part, which was to find a good man. After that, we just have to keep working at it. If Kyle and I can do half as well as Grandmommy and Poppi have done over the years, we’ll be very lucky, indeed.”

Would you choose Ava’s Bridal Couture and do it all over again?

“Would I Choose Ava’s again in a Do-Over? In a heartbeat. A hundred times yes. Ava’s was the only place we went to that didn’t make us feel like we were wasting their time. We tried a couple of stores, and it was such a sterile experience, it sucked the joy right out of the search. Ava’s made it fun, personal, and made me feel like I was THE bride, not one of many.”

How did you hear of Ava’s Bridal Couture?

“From the Fort Worth Star Telegram Show.”

How would you rate your experience with Ava’s?

“They were the first store to make my mom and I feel welcome, they made everyone feel like they had a say in the day, bridesmaids, family, etc. Jamaie and Sue were the most stinking knowledgeable people we could imagine, and Tammy did so stinking good with my alterations. I lost 60 lbs for the wedding, and despite ordering the dress a size smaller, we still had to take it in 4 inches. It fit like a glove!”

Important People Involved:

Kyle & Katlin Smith
Best Man: Rob Zedric Maid of Honor: Whitney Enty Groomsmen: Mike Smith, Brandon Goodwin, Krishawn Goodwin Bridesmaids: Hannah Southall, Michelle Fults, Becky Mason

The Team who made Katlin’s Wedding Memorable!

Venue: The N @ Hardway Ranch – Joanna Mills was our Wedding Planner
Caterer: Hard Eight BBQ
Florist: Granbury Flower Shop Linda Dougan  https://granburyflowershop.com
Photographer: Complete Weddings & Events – DFW Bryant
DJ: Complete Weddings & Events – DFW Matt
Cake: HEB Bakery 

Katlin was such a beautiful bride! She was perfect in every sense of what we look for in a bride. Her attitude was all about obtaining the experience and that is exactly what we served her. She is truly one of kind.

We strive to make the best experience for every bride that walks through our doors. We go through extreme lengths to do this and it is all for you; Ava’s Brides.

If you would like to have a similar experience as Katlin did or haven’t found a dress yet, we really encourage to book an appointment with us to see what were all about. We promise you, it will be the last appointment you make for your wedding dress.

Book your appointment here.

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