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Melissa Birchett

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Melissa Birchett

This beautiful girl is named Melissa. She was such a great bride we had so much fun with her! She can tell you first hand what our process is like from the moment you walk in to Ava’s Bridal Couture.

Every dress that a bride chooses comes with their own unique challenges. Melissa’s dress needed some alterations to be done to some areas to really make it truly her own.

Luckily, Melissa didn’t have to go to far to get her alterations done. Instead, we (Ava’s Bridal Couture) offer in-house alterations and were able to handle her dress personally without ever shipping it anywhere. That saved her a ton of time! That is the type of service we offer among other high-quality amenities.

Now, let’s discuss a little bit about Melissa and Cody.

Melissa and Cody met through a mutual friend named Erin. Erin has been the best friend of Melissa for 10 years now. Melissa was living in San Francisco at the time and was visiting her family in Texas when she first met Cody.

They started dating and continued to date long distance when she moved back to San Francisco for about 6 months. She received her Master’s Degree and decided to move to Texas and see where her relationship would go with Cody. Three years later Cody proposed on August 1, 2017 in their new home that they had just purchased together.

Melissa was such a beautiful bride to work with. We knew right away the moment she walked in this was going to be a great experience for her. Having your dress in order is important. Alterations, getting measured, making sure everything is in order is all important.

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We can’t guarantee you that we won’t encounter obstacles…but we can say we will help you overcome them when putting your dream dress altogether. Thank you Melissa for being an Ava’s Bride.

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