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What Just Happened?

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What Just Happened?


We made some killer memories yesterday! For those of you who missed the 2019 customer event (tears down the face emoji), Sunday we had our annual wifey club runway show + styled shoot in the morning which ended with our Fort Worth Bridal Show after lunch.

Whew, sounds like a full day at the gym, doesn’t it?

The amount of newly engaged brides + referrals we met was UNREAL. Not to mention the brides we already have served that were strutting their beautiful looks on stage was the cherry on top! And who doesn’t love dessert (heart face).

This was all thanks to your generosity and commitment to our little family business!  

If you still have no idea what our annual wifey club runway show is there is always next year in 2020, especially if you love your wedding dress! It is a one-time event that allows our past brides to put on their cinderella dress again, get all dolled up, and have their pictures taken by so many people. I mean, who doesn’t love to be pampered and in one of the best outfits EVER, COME (hand clap) ON (hand clap) LADIES (hand clap).

We have grown so much over the last several years listening to our customer’s needs and wants from Ava’s. We are constantly testing new products and service that give a quality, desired customer experience to our following!

We really value your feedback + opinions of our paying customers!  

If you have questions or opinions on what we should do next, don’t hesitate to let us know.
Being quirky + different is our jam.

Thank you again to all of you who made yesterday special, memorable and such a smooth ride to yes!

Till our next blog,

Sue Scheele

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