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Emily Dunlap

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Emily Dunlap

February has already passed by and we have to tell you…it has gone by so fast already! With all the beautiful women that come into our store every day and all the ones that say YES TO THE DRESS is something we deal with daily.

One of those beautifully gorgeous women goes by the name of Emily Dunlap. This was her experience shopping with Ava’s Bridal Couture!

Here is Emily in her own words:

” I originally went to a different salon to look for a wedding gown and after trying on dress after dress I kind of felt like I was upsetting the girl helping me because I didn’t really like any of them. Like I was being too picky. I finally tried on a dress I thought was okay, and would work so I said this is it!

I was supposed to go back in a couple of days to pay for it but decided to make an appointment at Ava’s before then, just to make sure I’d seen all my options. I actually found Ava’s because a friend of mine (one of my bridesmaids getting married 3 weeks after me) had looked for her own dress there.

The store was so cute and I was able to pick out my own dresses, which I absolutely loved. I saw a beautiful 3D-applique type dress and knew I had to try it on. It was the first one I tried and immediately I knew it was the one. It had absolutely everything I was looking for in a gown and I knew there was no way I was going back to get the dress at the other salon.

I would choose Ava’s if I had to do everything over again. There are so many options and the styles are gorgeous. I’m absolutely certain I could have found a second or third dress there that I would have loved as much as the one I chose.

I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 16. We were in theatre together. We ended up dating for a month but I broke up with him because he never kissed me! We kind of moved on, graduated, dated different people, etc. About 3 years later, we reconnected and started talking. He asked me out a few times but I kept saying no until I finally gave in and the rest is history.

The day of our wedding was pretty much perfect, the ceremony did have to be moved inside because of rain, but rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck and it was still perfect inside. The flowers were beautiful, my bridesmaids were stunning, the music was lovely. It was absolutely the best night of my life and I felt so beautiful in my dress.”

Here is a list of Emily’s vendors from her BIG DAY!

Julia Sharapova (photographer)

Hanady Cruz (makeup)

809 at Vickery (venue)

Andrea Hunter (hair)

Reata (food)

At Ava’s we know that every bride is different. Emily was as unique as her personality and her dress shows it. Very elegant and stunning to anyone who looks her way. We were so happy to be a part of her special day that we encourage any of you who are having trouble finding your dream dress to visit us. Come in and take a look for yourself of what we have in-stock and most importantly, the quality customer service we give to all our brides.

Our most important goal is getting you to be HAPPY with your decision on a dress. That is what we are all about at Ava’s Bridal Couture.

Thank you for reading about Emily’s experience and stay tuned for our next blog at the end of the month!

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