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Deanna Raaser

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Deanna Raaser

Whew! It’s been such an eventful month since we rang the new year in and guess what?!? IT HAS BEEN AWESOME! Meeting so many brides-to-be and all the beauty the EXPERIENCE of saying YES TO THE DRESS!! One of those special brides we had the luxury of sitting down with and asking them about their experience was a beautiful woman by the name of Deanna Raaser (Jones).

Here’s what she had to see if about her experience with Ava’s Bridal Couture:

Did you have a Five-Star experience?

“I absolutely had a five-star experience at Ava’s Bridal Couture. It started the very first day I met them at the bridal show and hasn’t ended!”

How did you hear of Ava’s Bridal Couture?

“At the Star Telegram Fort Worth Bridal Show”

What made you choose Ava’s Bridal to help you achieve your dream dress?

“Sue and her lovely staff! They are so awesome, kind and helpful! They made me feel so special the day I came in to find my dress.”

What was one thing, or if you have many, did you really enjoy about the whole process?

“I loved how involved Sue and her staff were. I love the boutique (it’s so cute), the dress options for myself, bridesmaids and mother, and of course the decor options as well.”

What type of dress and what designer did you end up choosing?

“I chose a lace illusion dress by Allure Bridals.”

How did your spouse react to your dress?

“He loved it! He whispered in my ear how beautiful I looked!”

How did your Maid of Honor and bridesmaids react to your dress?

“They loved it! They knew after the many, many dresses I tried on that it was unique, beautiful and perfect!”

The Love Story – how did you meet? Anything special you want to mention about finding your true love?

“We met at Billy Bob’s Texas. My good friend Britani is friends with my now brother-in-law Steven. We met Steven and Chris at Billy Bob’s to see Wade Bowen. We started hanging out more and more and soon fell in love with each other! After dating a little over 4 years Chris purposed!”

How did your wedding go? Any problems with your dress or was everything perfect?

“My wedding day was absolutely beautiful! My dress was stunning and looked gorgeous. I was in love with it and received so many compliments.”

The Big Day – What was the most memorable moment from your wedding day that captures your love story?

“Well we decided to write our own vows and I forgot to bring my vow book to the ceremony. So, after the wedding Chris and I had a private moment alone where I then found my vow book and read them to him over a glass of champagne.”

If you could do your planning all over again, would you choose Ava’s Bridal? If so, why?

“Absolutely, 100%!! I wish I could do it all again with Sue and Ava’s Bridal because they made it so much fun and so memorable.”

Wedding Venue: Lucky Spur Ranch Retreat

Photographer: Epic Photography

Videographer: Epic Photography

Florist: Designs by Gail Floral

Caterer: Lonesome Spur Catering

Cake: Mandy’s Cake

DJ/Music: DJ Connections

Hair/Make-Up: Lena my long-time hair dresser our hair/Taylor my cousin did our makeup

Dress purchased at Ava’s/Classy’s? : Ava’s Bridal Couture

Bridesmaids dresses purchased at Ava’s/Classy’s? Ava’s Bridal Couture

Other items/details purchased at Ava’s/Classy’s? Most of my wedding décor

Deanna’s story and testimonial is like super fairy-tale-ish! Meets handsome prince at a ball (Bill Bobs Country Bar). Prince continues to seek the lovely damsel (Deanna). Prince finally realizes he can’t live without her and proposes! Bride-to-Be goes to Star-Telegram bridal show. Encounters, fairy-tail godmother (Sue). Godmother let’s bride to be know she’s in good hands and the rest is history and in the books!

Deanna’s experience from not only her testimonial here, but in her vlog on our YouTube Channel, really showcase her entire experience with Ava’s Bridal Couture. Most of you know that finding the perfect dress is quite the challenge in itself. Especially, since there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dresses to choose from. We were just so thankful to even have met Deanna and to really give her that FULL EXPERIENCE that we have perfected over the last decade. Years of experience helping brides become boojee is what we do and we plan on continuing to do so.

Thank you all for reading about Deanna’s experience! If you would like to experience what she has, feel free to book the last appointment you’ll make to saying YES TO THE DRESS!

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