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Agenda for First Week of February!

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Agenda for First Week of February!

Hello February! How many of you felt that January was like 35 weeks long?! Seriously though, I feel like we are half-way through the year. 😂

January was such a busy month for us at Ava’s Bridal Couture. This translates to WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! We helped a ton of beautiful brides say yes-to-the-dress and are so excited on how exactly to continue that euphoric feeling similar to finding your dream dress.

This coming week (Wednesday February 6th at 6:00 PM) we have a HUGE private class showcasing what we have going on for our Wifey Club!.

Things we will be discussing:

  1. Wifey Club Runway Show
  2. Model Call
  3. February Giveaway
  4. Our upcoming mother’s event towards the end of the month
  5. Fort Worth Bridal Show
  6. Upcoming events moving forward

Now the main question is how can you be apart of this Private Group?

Well that’s the catch, you have to be a customer of Ava’s already. If you are not, be sure to schedule an appointment with us ASAP in order to be qualified.

We have so much that we are going to share this Wednesday that you do not want to miss out. Hope to see all of our wonderful, beautiful ladies there!

See you soon,

-Sue Scheele

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