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A Beautiful Soul or Two | A Tribute to Robyn

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A Beautiful Soul or Two | A Tribute to Robyn

Words are never enough to capture the essence of a beautiful soul!  We/I first fell in love with Robyn in 2015 when she was planning her daughter Brittany’s wedding day.

Brittany fell in love with a blush pink fit and flare beaded Maggie Sottero Wedding gown at Ava’s Bridal Couture in Fort Worth.    Brittany, a Pediatric Nurse and recent graduate from Texas A&M,   was marrying the love of her life Tillman in May of 2016.

Each of our staff fought over who would help Brittany Arrott into her dress.  She was so magnetic and interesting that we never wanted our time with Brittany to end.  Brittany was amazingly beautiful on the outside (she was the portrait of health and wellness & an obvious athlete by her physical appearance) but her beauty from within shined even more brilliant.

Brittany was fighting a rare brain cancer with dignity and poise.  I’ve never seen someone so unwell be so strong.  Robyn (Brittany’s Mom) managed all of Brittany’s appointments and scheduling for her daughter who was unwell. We got to know “Mom” just as well for this reason.

You would never know Brittany had brain cancer.  Her smile was so bright.  Her eyes sparkled in such a tender, gorgeous way.  No joke!  As her seamstress, all I wanted to do is hug her and tell her what an amazing young woman she was.  I truly meant it.

Kelly, her bridal consultant, who helped Brittany say yes to the dress gave Brittany and Robyn the moments every Mom hopes to have with her daughter finding her dream dress.  Robyn talked about this so much when Brittany’s battle with cancer ended and she went to be with her Heavenly Father.  Kelly and I still talk about how amazing our experience was helping this family.  It was that good!  😊

Robyn poured her heart into her brides after Brittany’s passing.  What incredible strength she had?!  How could she turn something so life shattering into a positive?  Losing your only child and daughter… and pick your self up and continue to love on young people.  (Where I come from, we call that a bad a**!)

As a retired educator of 30+ years who graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, Robyn had a love for young people.  Robyn told me one day how the scent of Ava’s Bridal Salon made her think of her sweet Brittany.  She would go on to help me plan our Wifey Club event dedicated to Brittany for future brides!

Many of you know Robyn from our team!  You recognize her photo and remember how she made you feel!   She loved you.  She truly loved her brides.  She loved our team as well and she loved me.

View Robyn’s Obituary here.

Today, I share the shocking loss of Robyn.  To the year of her daughter’s passing of brain cancer, Robyn was diagnosed one year later with the same rare brain cancer.  How is it possible for one family to endure so much pain and loss from the same brain cancer one year a part?

Robyn was strong.  Brittany got this from her mom.  I’m in awe of the person Robyn was and so thankful I had the honor of working with Robyn!  She was an amazing bridal stylist, mother,  wife, sister, teacher and friend.

I will share more about Brittany and Robyn in a future post .  Brittany was one of my cancer inspirations when I was diagnosed in 2016 with adnocarcenoma.  One of my personal cancer goals was to make fighting cancer look as easy as Brittany made it look.  (Though we all tried to understand the depth of her reality.)  I’m thankful to be cancer free though I will never grasp why these two beautiful souls had the experience they had.   Their testimonies of faith and bravery is humbling.

It’s rare for me to share sadness especially in my role here at “the happiest workplace on the 6600 block of Camp Bowie!” Lol.  Sometimes life throws an unexpected tragedy (or several all at once in some cases) but we face them and hold our head high with dignity and courage… just like Robyn and Brittany did so well.

At Robyn’s funeral on Friday, they played a song that was so appropriate for Robyn!  I can’t wait to share more about the lyrics of the song I keep humming in the kitchen when the time is right!  For now, I continue looking at my world and taking deep breaths to know how much I appreciate being cancer free.

Much love to all of you who support our family business.  Thank you for the love, grace and kindness each of you show our staff.  We have had several of the women on our team facing treatment and chemo.  They continue to work thru the pain mainly because of how uplifting this job and workplace can be thanks to little ‘ol you!

Much love,


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