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James Bond of Brides

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James Bond of Brides

When a new bride requests an appointment on our website, we turn into James Bond 007 ready to crack a secret encrypted code with a fortune cookie surprise ending!


“I’m looking for a dress in a dark white.  More like a creamy white.  Nothing that washes me out.  I mean if you recommend anything in a shade if white, I want to see it on before I can say if I really like it, but does ivory look too yellow?  What would champagne look like on me?  I tried on a light gold ivory dress with a hint of white.  It had an undertone of blue but it was like a dark ivory white.  It was gorgeous.  I mean if you have anything in white, I’m totally down.”


“Awesome, you sound like my ideal bride!  Let me get to work!”  



No, but really though… 
It can be overwhelming.
Way too many options and opinions.  

Let’s pause for a minute.
Close your eyes.  

Tell me about the mood of your perfect night.  What’s the vibe?  

Outdoor casual beer boots and bbq on a cool Texas night?  

Fancy upscale formal affair drinking martinis with your pinky up?

Let’s start with your personality and what the two of you want to capture as the essence of you.

We do our homework.
It’s that simple!
Let us walk you through our customer journey map.  

Our process is geared for the bride who values:

Make it fun.
Make it special.
Make it low stress.
Educate the consumer.

Even if you don’t find your dress at Ava’s (we are told every day we have “killer dresses” but hey, no pressure here)… we are definitely going to focus on quality customer care and the Ava’s experience. 

On that note, what questions do you have?
I love answering questions!

Sue Scheele

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